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My destiny is to reap the mortal souls of this hopeless word.

Straight into the Devil's hands, they are hurled.

What he does with them is none of your business,

Just know that your essence will stoke Hell's furnace.

This is the future I've come to promise you.

I regret to inform that there will be no rescue.

Your destiny is regrettable,

Your fate is inevitable,

I promise that every word I speak is true,

Death comes to all and my burden is to deliver you,

Into the gruesome hands of Satanic Angels.

This is my purpose, my basic fundamentals.

The reason I was created in perfect sin,

By a Demonic God with a chesire grin.

Your sanity is tested when you become my victim.

You will fade slowly, watching the light around grow dim.

I will not lie, it will be terrifying,

You might even find it quite paralyzing,

But I ask you not to panic.

I am the iceberg, you are the Titanic.

Your cries of agony will be my morbid dream,

I thirst for anguish reflected in your screams.

It's mesmerizing to watch your blood gush,

Your facial contortions of pain, a surreal rush.

I'll abuse you with the look of boredom plastered on my face,

But the excitement growing within cannot be easily erased.

I feed on your languish, sorrow, shame and despair,

God won't hear you, but go ahead and say your last prayer.

I'll wait patiently for you to finish,

And then your life, I will slowly extinguish.

I'll take my time, making sure you feel each excruciating detail,

As you finally pass, I will dance around your entrails.

Find comfort that you are not my first, and will not be my last.

Your death must come slow, but I wish it to be fast.

Remember that I bring tradegy and darkness wherever I go,

Misery, suffering and torment are mine to bestow.

My need to see your pain burns in me like fire,

You were simply caught into this hellish crossfire.

I didn't choose to be the monster I've became,

Then again, I didn't want to be part of the mundane.

I wanted to make a difference, even change the world,

I didn't know a deal with the Devil did occur.

There's something supernatural lurking inside,

To society's guidelines, I refuse to abide.

I can hear this horribly splendid voice in my head,

He takes over my body, and turns me into a threat.

But that's an excuse, we can both agree,

This dangerously dark force is entirely ME.

The Devil stole my love, compassion and cheer,

He took away my empathy, my hopes and fears.

All of me once human, now destroyed,

Rage, chaos and bloodlust fill my dark void.

This Devil I speak of, is the world I once embraced,

But now, in Humanity, I've lost all my faith.

You represent everything that I despise and hate,

You need to accept that there's no hope of escape.

I'm truly sorry for what I'm compelled to do.

I wish you could understand me, see my point of view.

I wish you knew what it's like to have no emotion or feelings,

I am more evil than the most wicked of beings.

Demons will take note of what I do to you, Victim,

I'm sending you to Hell, your final destination.

Don't bother begging, I'm ignoring your plea.

Please do understand, and forgive me.

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