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About me

2015-06-29 10:57:20 by SinnerOfWrath

My real name is Mike and I'm currently a Sophomore in my school.

I have a girlfriend named Jane and we've been dating for over 4 months now.

I'm a very avid player and Builder on Roblox.

I'm what you call a Roleplayer, Dafter and Splatterpunk Fan.

And also a fan of Creepypasta, Marble Hornets and Five Nights at Freddy's.

My favorite bands/artists are BVB, MIW, TDG, MCR, Simple Plan, Linkin Park, Owl City, MandoPony and Groundbreaking.


I have Arachnophobia (Fear of Spiders), Agoraphobia (Fear of Open Places), Amnesiphobia (Fear of Amnesia), Photophobia (Fear of Light), Gelotophobia (Fear of being laughed at) and Hypnophobia (Fear of Sleep).

I'm basically Nocturnal, though most of the time I'm an Insomniac.

I suffer from memory loss and hallucinations, which is sadly caused by my lack of sleep and my mental disorder.

But nonethless, I've been doing quite well these past few months despite of these things.


So yeah, I guess I could end this here.

Though I might update this from time to time if ever I come online.

:P Anyways, bye.


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2015-07-07 16:44:18

Ah, very interesting, there sir! XD

SinnerOfWrath responds:

Thanks -w-


2015-07-07 16:49:49

Soooooo when are you making more art for me?XD Love your work!

SinnerOfWrath responds:

Im kinda busy and I had surgery on my right hand so I won't be able to draw anything till it fully heals :P


2016-08-29 00:22:33

update for 2016?
would love to hear about you