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My Psycho Game

2015-08-05 06:46:19 by SinnerOfWrath

Are you here for me to entertain?

With these ideas that I contain?

Filled with gore and blood stains?

Let's take a break from the mundane,

And play my little Psycho Game.

We'll make it simple; Truth or Dare?

I swear your secrets I won't share,

And I promise to play this game fair.

It was you who said you didn't care.

Alright, I'll start, and I pick Truth.

What was the job I had in my youth?

I used to work in a fireworks booth.

My boss though, he was a douche.

He was a pastor, led a church.

voice inside told me he must be purged,

Then one night, I had the strong urge,

And to the ground, the church loudly burned.

See how fun and simple that was?

Why do you look so nervous?

You pick Dare, but just because,

You think it's more mischievous.

Alright fine, take this gun,

Don't get scared, you'll see its fun.

Don't think too much on what's to come.

You'll thank me when it's said and done.

Now hold the barrel's end against your hand,

Don't think too much dammit, that was the plan.

Trust me now, I'm your friend.

It's not loaded, I'm confident.

Pull the trigger, face your fears.

Then a BANG! we loudly hear.

I laugh and laugh at my clever dare,

But you screamed because you were scared.

Shut the hell up! What did you expect?

To play with a Psycho, and not be next!

You shot yourself, Cause and Effect.

You can live without a hand, I have checked.

No, no! Sit down! We're not done yet!

I pick Dare, my crying little Psycho pet.

Shoot myself? Is that a threat?

Give me the gun, I've got no regrets.

Click, click. Empty, safe and non-fatal.

God, you're all so predictable!

I'm Homicidal, not Suicidal.

The difference is vital.

A fully loaded gun I wouldn't hand you,

Killing me isn't on tonight's menu.

I'm crazy, not stupid. Thank you.

Now, shall we continue?

You picked Truth, just as I planned.

Would you kill a kitten to keep your other hand?

You shake your head as your eyes expand,

What's wrong? Did I offend?

I'll pick Truth, I'm sure your very curious.

When did I become so delirious?

Oh, stupid victim. Isn't that pretty obvious?

Can you really be so oblivious?

I was born this way, this is ME.

There's a little voice that keeps me company.

He feeds me ideas, sometimes with tea,

Now he laughs at you hysterically.

But enough about him, this is about you.

About the YOU, you have failed to value.

You thought you were psychotic too,

And now you have a choice to choose.

You picked Truth, I saw it coming.

My hate for you is almost numbing.

I'm bored with you, I'm done talking.

Time to be a victim, and then nothing.

Just another bloody corpse, made pretty by me.

You all deserve death to some kind of degree.

I entertained you, but you failed to entertain me,

If you can't think like a Psycho, you will only bleed.

I asked if you'll pick Dare again,

You say yes, that's right; pretend.

Insanity became the newest trend,

Claiming we're all crazy to some extent.

But real Psychos exist, we're not a myth,

No matter how hard Society tries to dismiss.

So be careful with what you wish,

Enjoy your sanity, enjoy your bliss.

For in your act, you might find,

The real Evil living beside mankind.

We'll be your friend, understanding and kind,

Till we gain control of all your thoughts and your mind.

Until it's time for you to die.

Don't pretend, we see through all your petty lies,

Pretending to be crazy is how you apply,

To be a victim, and hear my deadly lullaby.

Just like tonight, just like right now,

A bullet in the chamber, a bang and a pow.

Your body slumps over, your head slowly bows.

Blood pools around, but I had to mop anyhow.


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2015-08-05 15:17:04

Moral : Smoke weed everyday.

SinnerOfWrath responds:

Yes, that's a good moral


2015-08-06 18:13:15

amasing i love this kind of poetry
if it was made by you i have to say it is pretty good
soo enjoyable to read and so long
its like a never endless song

(Updated ) SinnerOfWrath responds:

I made it myself :3
Glad you like it!
I'm gonna post another poem later on so if you want you can check it out.